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    Our tactical indoor gun range serves Jacksonville, Orange Park, Fleming Island, Green Cove Springs, Middleburg and St. Johns County. We are a full service range open to the public. Read More

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    In our retail shop you will encounter patient staff who work to ensure you make the best decision possible. You will receive a free 30-day membership with any firearm purchase.

    If you want the best price and selection, visit our online store. Read More

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    We offer extensive training opportunities; some classes are at no cost to our patrons.

    For those uncomfortable with the idea of carrying a firearm, we also offer a Less Than Lethal Self-Defense class. Read More

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Investment / Ownership Opportunity

We’re building a second tactical indoor gun range. Investment/ownership opportunity. If interested, contact us at (904) 276-9710.


Prior to taking the Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP) course offered by Franklin Dickinson, my thinking was that a four hour class was a bit too long, that I might get bored and that it is hard for anyone to commit a half a day to get their CWP. Boy, was I wrong. What I learned was an eye opener for me. The content presented by Franklin is enlightening, straight forward and on point with the subject matter. The greatest lesson I learned from the course is that guns are very serious business. Franklin did an outstanding job of teaching the responsibilities of gun ownership and carrying a concealed weapon. But most importantly, Franklin provides the tools necessary to become just that, a responsible gun owner. I am now of the opinion that another hour of training might have been the icing on the cake. Thank you Franklin for your passion of the content and your care and concern for those that you teach.

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Ground Operations Development

Training our tactical teams and the law enforcement community to the next level today; to meet the challenges and increased threats of tomorrow.

  • SWAT I

Tactical Training Team

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2-Oct-18 IDPA
Shooter Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Total
Chris Derby 11.04 27.65 29.34 68.03
David Alred 13.41 22.04 34.56 70.01
Bruce Schmcker 12.58 20.86 39.85 73.29
Shea Kelly 23.71 24.74 26.75 75.2
Ed Sevetz 17.35 29.88 33.47 80.7
Chase Derbey 13.67 26.35 42.71 82.73
Steven Loh 15.96 30.67 31.29 83.92
Mark Pellegrin 18.47 27.38 43.59 89.44
David Hopkins 19.98 31.92 44.47 96.37
Zeke 22.04 36.09 53.93 112.06
Tim Kelly 21.92 37.01 55.64 114.57
David Sheek 27.4 43.58 46.52 117.5
Chris Gaston 21.5 31.52 66.65 119.67
Ed Rios 18.24 41.46 65.02 124.72
Charlie Brown 30.62 38.78 60.9 130.3
Holy Wojcik 35.72 53.88 60.49 150.09
David Keller 32.23 49.85 72.52 154.6
Lee Hrris 38.15 55.36 86.99 180.5
Antonio Borjel 32.43 57.28 91.02 180.73
Bill Kelly 30.44 82.11 77.73 190.28
Brenna Kelly 40.6 62 128.48 231.08
Division Champ 1st 2nd 3rd
CCP Chris Derby Steven Loh
SSP David Alred Shea Kelly Zeke
ESP Bruce Schmucker Ed Sevetz Chase Derby
CO Mark Pellegrin
CDP David Keller
Most Accurate Ed Sevetz
Class Winners !st 2nd 3rd
Master David Alred Steven Loh
Expert Chris Derby Chase Derby
Sharpshooter Ed Sevetz David Hopkins
Marksman Mark Pellegrin Zeke Tim Kelly
Unclassified Bruce Schmucker Shea Kelly
NV David Sheek