9/8/15 IDPA Results

It’s been a busy week at BASICS: Range & Gun, so it’s taken a long time to get these results out to you!  We had some new shooters this month, some that we haven’t seen in awhile, and our core of regular shooters.  We were challenged by low-light stages and everyone seemed to have a good time.  Thanks to everyone who participated, and to everyone that works to make this possible!

Name (Last, First)DivClassTotal Match ScoreTot Pen TimeTot Pts Dn/2Total Stage ScoreTotal Stage ScoreTotal Stage Score
DERBY, CHRISCDPSS61.4353.013.0123.5924.83
RUSSELL, GARRETTSSPSS62.9702.517.4724.9820.52
WOJTYLA, ANTHONYCCPUN64.6253.513.5731.6019.45
ALRED, DAVIDSSPSS66.9009.021.0726.5819.25
KASWAN, LARRYCDPSS82.7003.018.7327.2136.76
NOLAN, TIMSSPUN93.5236.522.6633.5737.29
RICE, ROGERSSPUN95.0962.523.0838.7733.24
LEVAN, JEFFSSPUN104.6558.521.9338.2344.49
HAHN, GEORGESSPMM112.39515.535.8239.8236.75
RIOS, EDSSPUN121.51116.527.8155.9737.73
SEVETZ, EDSSPEX131.4701.524.8847.6258.97
ACARON, JOSUESSPUN135.0106.531.5249.2054.29
KERSEY, RICHSSPUN148.102530.535.1146.5466.45
MOORE, BENSSPUN160.652318.542.7842.1175.76
SIMPSON, TOMCCPNV171.26199.549.3858.6763.21