December IDPA Results

We had a total of 14 shooters complete the match this past Tuesday evening.  We had a good mix of regular shooters as well as a new shooter joining us.  This match challenged our abilities to shoot in low light, as well as our use of cover and shooting from different positions.  If you haven’t joined us yet and are looking for a new shooting challenge, make some time on January 5th to come see what we do.

Thanks again to all of the people that organize the event, and to the people that drive from across the river to participate!


Entry #Name (Last, First)DivClassTotal Match ScoreTot Pen TimeTot Pts DnTotal Stage ScoreTotal Stage ScoreTotal Stage Score
1DERBY, CHRISESPEX64.3401313.4126.7024.23
2ALRED, DAVIDSSPSS70.9531017.3225.3928.24
3LEVAN, JEFFSSPUN73.0851213.8425.2733.97
4BUELL, BRUCESSPSS80.2902019.3234.6426.33
5SEVETZ, EDESPSS82.260018.4629.1134.69
6CROCKETT, ADAMCCPMM86.483417.2434.3134.93
7EWING, ANDREWSSPMM93.2751222.2732.4638.54
8HELD, ZEKESSPMM109.9783023.7537.2448.98
9NETTLES, CORYSSPUN127.6651429.8543.2354.58
10MCNAIR, JOSHUASSPUN135.3031925.9159.6849.71
11ACARON, JOSUESSPNV155.1502236.9069.2249.03
12RIOS, EDSSPMM161.39165038.3853.2669.75
13CABALES, LOUSSPUN162.1591036.4374.2351.49
14SIMPSON, TOMCCP177.9302235.9471.6270.37