IDPA Results 2/2/2016

Well it was another great match with a decent turnout!  The Shadow Ops guys developed some low light stages that were a real challenge to shoot cleanly.  Every month we see our little group growing.  We have our core group of regulars (thanks for driving across the river guys), our once in awhile guys, and 1 or 2 new shooters.  If you haven’t tried it yet, come join us.  It’s a lot of fun and you just might learn something.

A big congrats to our winner, and a huge thanks to all who attended, as well as the folks that make this happen every month.  We hope to see you next month on March 1st!

Come shoot with us!


Name (Last, First)DivClassTotal Match ScoreTot Pen TimeTot Pts DnTotal Stage ScoreTotal Stage ScoreTotal Stage Score
DERBY, CHRISESPEX72.0932724.1523.6224.32
DHAENENS, JOSHUASSPUN72.3432520.5826.7924.97
LEVAN, JEFFSSPUN74.6201317.8029.4927.33
ALRED, DAVIDCDPUN74.85101019.7034.3020.85
SEVETZ, EDESPMM87.970717.8241.7928.36
CROCKETT, ADAMESPMM93.64153624.1033.0636.48
THOMAS, JAMESSSPUN94.3203728.2130.3135.80
NOLAN, TIMSSPUN95.65152720.6827.5347.44
FUSSELL, GARRETTSSPSS96.46103418.1551.6326.68
HAHN, ALANCDPNV97.4752722.5035.3539.62
SUMMA, ANTONIOSSPUN102.80103128.8839.4334.49
NETTLES, CORYSSPUN105.7502025.2035.7244.83
ACARON, JOSUESSPNV125.0402035.3350.8438.87
CAMPBELL, JACKSSPMM152.85162934.5850.5467.73