IDPA Results for May 2016

Well, here are the results for last night’s Indoor IDPA match at BASICS: Range & Gun.  We had a lot of great folks come out and shoot with us.  I think we had 4 new shooters, and 2 shooters new to IDPA.  The lowlight stages definitely challenged the participants and were a little darker than usual.  Overall, we hope everyone had a great time.

Thanks to everyone for coming out, and thanks to everyone that works to make this a successful regular event!

Come shoot with us!


Competitor   Match Totals     
Entry #Name (Last, First)DivClassTotal Match ScoreTot Pen TimeTot Pts DnTotal Stage ScoreTotal Stage ScoreTotal Stage Score
1DERBY, CHRISSSPEX92.5101726.3629.3336.82
2LOH, STEVENSSPMA92.5532027.9125.7238.92
3LEVAN, JEFFSSPUN109.6502524.8129.5355.31
4ALRED, DAVIDSSPSS111.4501243.9029.1138.44
5BUELL, BRUCESSPSS114.0201330.2035.1248.70
6WALTERS, PATESPMM122.0601832.7049.8339.53
7HELD, ZEKESSPMM141.6184935.2342.2764.11
8BARLOW, CALEBCCPUN147.48165545.9853.9447.56
9THOMAS, JAMESESPUN148.0262338.2745.1864.57
10SEVETZ, EDESPMM154.240332.7343.1278.39
11CARSON, LARRYCCPNV183.10166042.4853.3187.31
12SIMPSON, TOMSSPNV187.81112757.0656.4374.32
13DHAENENS, TIMSSPUN187.8802351.4954.6281.77
14RUIZ, ORLANDOSSPUN203.94305138.6990.4974.76
15ACARON, JOSUESSPNV213.1752751.4068.4193.36
16HORNE, RICHARDSSPUN236.27257159.4561.72115.10
17RIVERA, FELIPESSPUN238.50205652.2373.45112.82
18GUILFUCCI, BILLYSSPUN260.121810673.4476.56110.12