IDPA will now be held on the first AND third Tuesdays of the month.  Price for anyone wishing to shoot is $15.00.  There will only be a maximum of 20 shooters allowed for each event.

The following is a little confusing (SORRY!!!):

  1. You can call in and register to participate to ensure your spot for the event.
  2. Registration for the event will begin the day after the prior event takes place.  Example, if you shoot tomorrow’s match (1st Tuesday of the month), you can call in and register for the next (1st Tuesday of the month) the morning after.
  3. To prevent locking up every event, if you participate in the First Tuesday’s IDPA, anyone that DID NOT participate has priority for the Third Tuesday sign ups, and vice versa.
  4. Match sign up becomes available to everyone the week PRIOR to the event.  If there are openings, you can reserve a spot and participate.