Less Than Lethal Self-Defense

The Less Than Lethal Self-Defense class is for individuals wishing to carry pepper spray and/or an electronic control device instead of a firearm for self-defense. The following objectives will be covered:

  • Proper carrying techniques
  • Deployment methods
  • Target areas
  • Effects on the human body
  • Limitations
  • Escape plan

We will supply inert spray (looks and sprays like pepper spray) and other needed to practice.

Course designed for those who want to carry something for self defense but feel uncomfortable carrying a firearm. For me, if you carry a gun, every problem is a nail and you hold a hammer…not every problem is a nail! For those carrying a firearm, pepper spray/Mace is an excellent option to compliment your firearm.

Class size is limited so don’t wait.

Our class is covered at our range in Orange Park, FL off College Drive near Fleming Island.

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