American Marksman Southeast Regionals 2016

As some of you may know, I had the privilege of attending the southeast regional qualifying events for the new American Marksman competition and television show.  It was held this past weekend at the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s Marksmanship Park in Talladega, AL.  Shooters from Florida, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee showed up to determine the best amature marksman in the 5 state area.

I can humbly state that it was not me.  I finished well in 2 events, but turned in poorer than expected results in the 3 remaining events.  Every time I attend a new event I learn tons of new things, and this event was no different.  Some of the things I learned were as follows: my body does not perform the same way it did 20 years ago, accuracy very often trumps speed, I need to practice outdoors more, and you can’t expect to do well if you don’t practice.  Most importantly, I reaffirmed that the shooting community and the shooting culture are made up of some of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet.

Our squad met on Saturday morning as 10 strangers who were all competing for the same goal.  By the last stage on Sunday afternoon, we had more friends than we showed up with.  We ended up cheering each other’s victories, and sharing the pain of a poor performance.  We gave each other tips and encouragement as we tried to plan the best way to shoot a stage.  While the anti-gunners tell us that we’re social outcasts and dangerous loners, I saw families and strangers gathered under shade tents smiling and joking.  I saw experienced shooters helping inexperienced shooters work on skills to help them be more competitive.  I also saw a lot of people volunteer their time on a hot July weekend in Alabama to help make this event fun and safe for the participants.

The shining star at this event, by far, was the facility.  The CMPs new Marksmanship Park is amazing in its design, and technology.  The 500-acre facility, located two miles from the world-famous Talladega Superspeedway, features a 600 yard rifle range with targets at 200, 300 and 600 yards, a 100 yard multi-purpose range and a 50 yard pistol range. It also includes 15 action pistol bays and a trap field, 5-stand field and a 15-station sporting clays field, all with automated trap machines.  State of the art scoring systems mean no walking downrange to score or reset targets, or having to work in the butts at the 600 yard range.  Golf carts are available for rent to travel between ranges, and a beautifully designed and appointed clubhouse with training rooms and a pro shop looks out over the 600 yard rifle range.

The American Marksman Regional Qualifying consisted of 5 separate events, the .22 Rimfire Pistol, the .22 Rimfire Rifle, the .223 Gong, the Crimson Trace Dark House, and the 9mm Peek-A-Boo.  Shooters best times were taken from each event to provide a total score and determine the overall winner for each of the four divisions.  I competed in the Men’s Open Division.  There were other divisions for Military/Law Enforcement, Women shooters, and Junior shooters.

We started Day 1 at the .22 Rimfire Pistol range.  The course of fire was simple.  String 1 was shoot 2 rounds into each of 5 bullseyes at 10 yards using a 2 handed hold.  String 2 was firing 1 round into each of the 5 bullseyes at 10 yards using only your strong hand.  String 3 was a repeat of String 1.  Then we shot all three strings a second time on a fresh target.  The pistol used was a Tactical Solutions Pac-Lite Pistol using Eley Force ammo.  We were the first squad to shoot these pistols and aside from the first shooter having a malfunction after 2 rounds, the guns performed well.  They are, however, very lightweight and can be very off-putting for someone used to shooting heavier target pistols.

After the handgun range, we moved to the .223 Gong event.  Using a Ruger American Rifle chambered in .223 Remington, shooters had to strike an 8″ diameter steel gong at 100 yards.  Shooters had a total of 10 rounds to shoot the gong once from each of 3 positions, off-hand, seated, and prone.  Shooters were further challenged by having a 20 second time limit for each position.  This stage was challenging, but was made easier by the use of a Burris FF E-1 2-7X scope.  The ammunition was provided by Aguila and was standard 55gr FMJ.  None of the shooters in our squad had any issues hitting the gong or using the rifle provided.

The last event on day 1 was the Crimson Trace Dark House.  This was a stage rooted in action pistol competition, especially USPSA.  Competitors fired the CZ P-09 9mm pistol.  Targets were arrayed 5 yards in front of a barricade.  String 1 consisted of 3 targets directly in front of the barricade, and 2 targets located on either side of the barricade, down a “darkened” hallway/tunnel.  The shooter started at the low ready behind the barricade, and at the buzzer, fired 2 rounds on each of the center targets, and 2 rounds on either the left or the right targets through a hole in the center of the barricade.  For String 2,  the shooter started at the low ready behind the barricade.  At the buzzer, the shooter fired 2 rounds on each of the targets on the side that had not been shot at previously.  The shooter had to shoot the gun from the side of the barricade, while looking through the center port in the barricade.  In other words, the shooters had to use the Crimson Trace laser mounted on the gun to get a sight picture and could not use the sights on the gun.  Needless to say, this slowed a lot of the shooters down quite a bit.

Day 2 began on the 9mm Peek-A-Boo stage at 11:30am.  This was a simple stage.  The competitors used a Kel-Tec Sub-2000 rifle chambered in 9mm to shoot 5 8″ steel plates.  We started String 1 behind a barricade 15 yards from the targets.  At the buzzer, we had to shoot 1 round into each steel plate.  We were not given extra ammo to make up our misses.  String 2 was identical, except that we had to shoot from our weak shoulder.  String 3 was a repeat of String 1.  Shooting a rifle from your weak side shoulder around a barricade is not as easy as it sounds.  Especially if you’ve never practiced it.  Many competitors failed to ring the plates 15 times that weekend.

We finished Day 2, and the competition, on the .22 Rimfire Rifle range.  The rifle event was essentially the same as the pistol event and the rifle event during the local qualifying, with 1 small exception.  During the 5 round string, shooters had to again use their weak side shoulder to fire the rifle.  The rifle used was the Tactical Solutions X-Ring 10/22.  This is the range where most shooters had the hardest time.  It was not a particularly difficult course of fire, but the rifle turned out to be very unreliable.  This in turn lead to shooters incurring misses due to ammo loss after clearing malfunctions.  It is unclear whether a different ammo would have performed better in the rifle, or if the rifle’s precision tolerances were simply the cause.  What is clear is that many competitors came off that range with a look of despair on their faces.

My final thoughts on the American Marksman competition are simple to state.  A lot of people in the shooting community thought it was unfair to exclude high ranking shooters from the different organized shooting disciplines.  I say it was refreshing to come out and compete against people who may not shoot on a regular basis.  I also think that more people are likely to participate since they are not going up against the Rob Leathams of the world, and more people participating means more people enjoying the shooting sports, and that’s never a bad thing.  That being said, to do well at this competition, you have to practice.  A lot!  I, for one, will be practicing hard for next year.  Below is a video of me shooting all the stages, and you can follow the link to see the overall standings for the Men’s Open Division of the Southeast Regionals.

-Jeff Levan

Men’s Open Division Results

July IDPA Results

So the guy that develops our IDPA stages apparently believes in the philosophy that when it comes to training, “the only easy day was yesterday!”  We had a great match this month with some really challenging stages.  Shooters had to shoot from the kneeling and prone positions, as well as in the dark.  Both very realistic scenarios which most of us cannot practice for during our regular range trips.  We had a good turnout, but it was a little low due to the previous day being a holiday.  We still had new faces among the regular faces, and that’s always good to notice.

Congratulations to our winner, and thanks to everyone who attended.  A big thank you to all the people that make this possible.

Come shoot with us!


So here are our results:

Entry #Name (Last, First)DivClassTotal Match ScoreTot Pen TimeTot Pts DnTotal Stage ScoreTotal Stage ScoreStage Raw TimeTotal Stage Score
1LOH, STEVENCCPEX76.790817.7321.2036.3637.86
2DERBY, CHRISESPEX77.4602228.0222.1127.3327.33
3LEVAN, JEFFSSPUN79.510718.9725.9834.5634.56
4ALRED, DAVIDSSPSS84.055318.6027.3133.1438.14
5BUSH, TODDSSPMM100.8182530.0333.4836.8037.30
6DERBY, CHASESSPUN103.000831.4034.7535.3536.85
7THOMAS, JAMESSSPUN106.7452526.6645.9433.6434.14
8HELD, ZEKESSPMM123.85104834.7852.0133.5637.06
9MCNAIR, JOSHUASSPUN146.87154540.1761.1437.5645.56
10EWING, ANDREWREVUN205.7201251.9161.8690.9591.95
11KELLY, BILL207.32236948.6754.5768.08104.08
12HORNE, RICHSSPUN238.19538644.1481.8260.23112.23

IDPA Results for June 7th, 2016

Wow, what a long night!  We took a lot longer to shoot tonight, but it was a lot of fun.  We had 17 shooters, 5 of which had never shot with us before.  We missed some regulars, but also had our solid core of participants show up.  This month we shot from the ground in the prone position.  We also had a special 4th stage that really stretched our shooters abilities.

Our 4th stage was not counted in the overall match scores, but was a simple pass or fail event.  Only 2 of the shooters passed!  We created a shooting room on the range with 4 doors and 7 threat targets.  The range was completely dark, and the shooters had no knowledge of the location or number of targets out there.  At the buzzer, each shooter had to use their light to identify and engage targets as they entered and cleared the room.  If they exposed themselves to any threat target without engaging it, their stage stopped and they were ruled dead.  Congratulations to our 2 survivors for knowing how to pie the corners and constantly search for threats, and as always, thanks to everyone for coming out, and thanks to the people that make this possible with their hard work!

Entry #Name (Last, First)DivClassTotal Match ScoreTot Pen TimeTot Pts DnTotal Stage ScoreTotal Stage ScoreTotal Stage Score
1LEVAN, JEFFSSPUN31.090512.577.1511.37
2DERBY, CHRISESPEX31.243912.326.3412.58
3DERBY, CHASESSPUN33.840812.677.1214.05
4DHAENEN, JOSHUASSPUN36.7701321.855.329.60
5DZAMKO, MARKSSPMM40.463720.838.0511.58
6SEVETZ, EDESPMM45.6401628.617.679.36
7RIOS, EDSSPMM49.3831119.0810.8719.43
8SIMPSON, TOMSSPNV49.7031224.409.4215.88
9MCNAIR, JOSHUASSPUN51.2401816.9310.6823.63
10RICHARDSON, KELLYSSPUN52.6202624.0510.8517.72
11BAUGHMAN, CHUCKCDPUN54.1052719.858.2625.99
12ZOCNOWSKI, PETECCPUN54.1852822.938.4722.78
13WENDORFF, DANSSPUN54.8602429.917.9217.03
14NETTLES, CORYSSPUN57.3801118.588.4230.38
15HELD, ZEKESSPMM60.92112930.088.4522.39
16RICHARDSON, JAMESSSPUN61.17154415.939.0536.19
17BAGGESS, MICHAELSSPUN63.6432830.3112.8720.46


IDPA Results for May 2016

Well, here are the results for last night’s Indoor IDPA match at BASICS: Range & Gun.  We had a lot of great folks come out and shoot with us.  I think we had 4 new shooters, and 2 shooters new to IDPA.  The lowlight stages definitely challenged the participants and were a little darker than usual.  Overall, we hope everyone had a great time.

Thanks to everyone for coming out, and thanks to everyone that works to make this a successful regular event!

Come shoot with us!


Competitor   Match Totals     
Entry #Name (Last, First)DivClassTotal Match ScoreTot Pen TimeTot Pts DnTotal Stage ScoreTotal Stage ScoreTotal Stage Score
1DERBY, CHRISSSPEX92.5101726.3629.3336.82
2LOH, STEVENSSPMA92.5532027.9125.7238.92
3LEVAN, JEFFSSPUN109.6502524.8129.5355.31
4ALRED, DAVIDSSPSS111.4501243.9029.1138.44
5BUELL, BRUCESSPSS114.0201330.2035.1248.70
6WALTERS, PATESPMM122.0601832.7049.8339.53
7HELD, ZEKESSPMM141.6184935.2342.2764.11
8BARLOW, CALEBCCPUN147.48165545.9853.9447.56
9THOMAS, JAMESESPUN148.0262338.2745.1864.57
10SEVETZ, EDESPMM154.240332.7343.1278.39
11CARSON, LARRYCCPNV183.10166042.4853.3187.31
12SIMPSON, TOMSSPNV187.81112757.0656.4374.32
13DHAENENS, TIMSSPUN187.8802351.4954.6281.77
14RUIZ, ORLANDOSSPUN203.94305138.6990.4974.76
15ACARON, JOSUESSPNV213.1752751.4068.4193.36
16HORNE, RICHARDSSPUN236.27257159.4561.72115.10
17RIVERA, FELIPESSPUN238.50205652.2373.45112.82
18GUILFUCCI, BILLYSSPUN260.121810673.4476.56110.12

April IDPA Results

Another GREAT night of shooting!  As always, we enjoyed seeing new faces.  We missed some regulars, but we saw some regulars as well.  We hope everyone had a great time.  We know we enjoyed doing it.  Thanks to all of the people that came and to all of the people that make it possible.

Come shoot with us!


Entry #Name (Last, First)DivClassTotal Match ScoreTot Pen TimeTot Pts DnTotal Stage ScoreTotal Stage ScoreTotal Stage Score
1FEW, MARKESPSS96.83103719.7934.2042.84
2ALRED, DAVIDCCPSS99.6201220.6132.1746.84
3DHAENENS, JOSHUASSPUN101.3203425.8633.4042.06
4LEVAN, JEFFSSPUN117.39151921.9828.6466.77
5NOLAN, TIMSSPUN122.0663430.3041.7949.97
6WALTERS, PATESPMM133.2184032.8339.8560.53
7BIGGS, JORDANSSPUN136.26157625.1251.9159.23
8DHAENENS, TIMSSPUN141.88336140.13101.750.00
9NETTLES, CORYSSPUN146.35151830.9144.9270.52
10HELD, ZEKESSPMM148.19108241.0956.5850.52
11MCNAIR, JOSHSSPUN169.38155433.5572.3363.50
12CLARK, JEFFSSPUN175.68354839.9841.8593.85
13RIOS, EDSSPMM183.91135932.9780.0070.94
14WILEY, KEITHCCPMM197.92505733.5276.9687.44
15ACARON, JOSUESSPNV209.43104041.3978.5289.52
16RIOS, JUANSSPNV258.932510578.6981.7098.54

March IDPA Results

So another monthly match has come and gone.  The devious minds that design the stages made us shoot weak handed this month!  This certainly shook up the rankings.  Along with that, we had a great turnout.  Our regular corps of diehard shooters showed, along with quite a few new faces and some familiar ones as well.

So, thanks to everyone that showed up to shoot!  Thanks to everyone that works to make this possible!

Come shoot with us! (You’ll have fun)


Entry #Name (Last, First)DivClassTotal Match ScoreTot Pen TimeTot Pts DnTotal Stage ScoreTotal Stage ScoreTotal Stage Score
1ALRED, DAVIDCCPSS73.620324.5521.3927.68
2LEVAN, JEFFSSPUN76.8802432.9921.9721.92
3DERBY, CHRISESPEX82.5552333.4625.5623.53
4SEVETZ, EDESPMM92.380036.0231.1025.26
5DHAENENS, JOSHUASSPUN103.9133039.2534.5230.14
6BUELL, BRUCESSPSS108.1753748.9826.8732.32
7WILEY, KEITHSSPNV117.0633141.7530.7844.53
8CROCKETT, ADAMESPMM117.26205446.3631.2739.63
9RUIZ, ORLANDSSPUN142.64104553.8650.8337.95
10RIOS, EDSSPMM145.4865346.8850.1848.42
11SIMPSON, TOMSSPNV146.4803053.6147.4245.45
12DHAENENS, TIMSSPUN151.0205055.1151.0144.90
13HELD, ZEKESSPMM151.10257064.8948.4437.77
14HORST, KYLECCPUN152.43183161.9243.8846.63
15EWING, ANDREWSSPUN163.16254558.2760.0744.82
16ACARON, JOSUESSPNV208.23155766.2966.1675.78

IDPA Results 2/2/2016

Well it was another great match with a decent turnout!  The Shadow Ops guys developed some low light stages that were a real challenge to shoot cleanly.  Every month we see our little group growing.  We have our core group of regulars (thanks for driving across the river guys), our once in awhile guys, and 1 or 2 new shooters.  If you haven’t tried it yet, come join us.  It’s a lot of fun and you just might learn something.

A big congrats to our winner, and a huge thanks to all who attended, as well as the folks that make this happen every month.  We hope to see you next month on March 1st!

Come shoot with us!


Name (Last, First)DivClassTotal Match ScoreTot Pen TimeTot Pts DnTotal Stage ScoreTotal Stage ScoreTotal Stage Score
DERBY, CHRISESPEX72.0932724.1523.6224.32
DHAENENS, JOSHUASSPUN72.3432520.5826.7924.97
LEVAN, JEFFSSPUN74.6201317.8029.4927.33
ALRED, DAVIDCDPUN74.85101019.7034.3020.85
SEVETZ, EDESPMM87.970717.8241.7928.36
CROCKETT, ADAMESPMM93.64153624.1033.0636.48
THOMAS, JAMESSSPUN94.3203728.2130.3135.80
NOLAN, TIMSSPUN95.65152720.6827.5347.44
FUSSELL, GARRETTSSPSS96.46103418.1551.6326.68
HAHN, ALANCDPNV97.4752722.5035.3539.62
SUMMA, ANTONIOSSPUN102.80103128.8839.4334.49
NETTLES, CORYSSPUN105.7502025.2035.7244.83
ACARON, JOSUESSPNV125.0402035.3350.8438.87
CAMPBELL, JACKSSPMM152.85162934.5850.5467.73

IDPA Results 1-5-16

Sorry for the delay!  Here are the results from last week’s monthly IDPA match.  Thanks to everyone for participating, and thank you to the people that make it happen.

 Match Totals      
Name (Last, First)Total Match ScoreTot Raw TimeTot Pen TimeTot Pts DnTotal Stage ScoreTotal Stage ScoreTotal Stage Score
LOH, STEVEN51.5648.560612.9220.2118.43
DERBY, CHRIS55.2050.2001014.8919.2321.08
ALRED, DAVID56.4055.900116.8222.6416.94
FUSSELL, GARRETT64.1753.1751215.8427.5020.83
WOJTYLA, ANTHONY77.7957.2953120.6235.9221.25
CROCKETT, ADAM81.7765.7752221.8732.8027.10
SEVETZ, ED84.6174.6151014.7134.3635.54
NETTLES, CORY100.6091.6001828.1633.7238.72
RIOS, ED103.1390.6302527.6040.6334.90
HELD, ZEKE110.6187.1153730.5348.4031.68
SIMPSON, TOM127.72117.2251132.5060.0535.17
WENDORFF, DAN141.69132.1901936.4940.6464.56
CAMPBELL, JACK142.05117.05103046.9561.6333.47
KELLEY, WILLIAM160.87139.3733754.5349.3457.00

Come shoot with us!


Your Gun rights under attack

Your Gun Rights under attack

I have been grieved by the turnout after the coward Muslim terrorists murdered innocent Americans in California. There seemed to be a mad rush to get a gun. The reality is that the evil around you everyday is much more menacing. Fear not! We are responsible…not fearful!!!

Likewise, our current administration is determined to take our guns and rights away…not to worry…yet.

Do you know what the NRA really is? It is the most powerful lobby group in the United States. Why…because over 100,000,000 Americans own guns and support them. These 100,000,000 people are also the backbone of this great country.

Heck, since we opened we have bought a table at the Clay County Friends of the NRA and spend almost $2,000 a year on that table. Though it is great fun…I am trying to make a point!

Put into perspective, if each gun owning American gave the NRA just $10 a year, the NRA’s annual working budget would be a $1,000,000,000 a year (yep, ONE BILLION DOLLARS!). The NRA is powerful!

Politicians run when the NRA shows up.

This current gun grab by our president has no teeth. The only thing he was able to do was once again grow the government…which we will have to pay for…

The below article by USA Today (know telling us about this toothless attack made them cry) defines what the current attack really means…nothing; it is just dust in the wind…


If you like to collect and shoot guns, buy and shoot them. If you feel it important to protect yourself and your family, buy a gun and practice. If you feel you are the person standing in the gap (you are), act on it, get a gun, practice and be prepared. BUT don’t buy a gun out of fear!

I used to think the politicians were the sickness. I have decided they are the symptom…we are the sickness. As a country, we voted them into office, sheesh. At the last election the congress approval rating was in the teens yet 93% were re elected.

Get involved, teach your kids, be active and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

The Lord Bless You and see you at the range.


December IDPA Results

We had a total of 14 shooters complete the match this past Tuesday evening.  We had a good mix of regular shooters as well as a new shooter joining us.  This match challenged our abilities to shoot in low light, as well as our use of cover and shooting from different positions.  If you haven’t joined us yet and are looking for a new shooting challenge, make some time on January 5th to come see what we do.

Thanks again to all of the people that organize the event, and to the people that drive from across the river to participate!


Entry #Name (Last, First)DivClassTotal Match ScoreTot Pen TimeTot Pts DnTotal Stage ScoreTotal Stage ScoreTotal Stage Score
1DERBY, CHRISESPEX64.3401313.4126.7024.23
2ALRED, DAVIDSSPSS70.9531017.3225.3928.24
3LEVAN, JEFFSSPUN73.0851213.8425.2733.97
4BUELL, BRUCESSPSS80.2902019.3234.6426.33
5SEVETZ, EDESPSS82.260018.4629.1134.69
6CROCKETT, ADAMCCPMM86.483417.2434.3134.93
7EWING, ANDREWSSPMM93.2751222.2732.4638.54
8HELD, ZEKESSPMM109.9783023.7537.2448.98
9NETTLES, CORYSSPUN127.6651429.8543.2354.58
10MCNAIR, JOSHUASSPUN135.3031925.9159.6849.71
11ACARON, JOSUESSPNV155.1502236.9069.2249.03
12RIOS, EDSSPMM161.39165038.3853.2669.75
13CABALES, LOUSSPUN162.1591036.4374.2351.49
14SIMPSON, TOMCCP177.9302235.9471.6270.37

November IDPA Results

Here are the results from last night’s IDPA match.  Thanks so much to all of the shooters that made it out, and thanks to all the people that make this happen each month.  We appreciate your support!  This month had 2 “dark” stages that pushed the shooters abilities, as well as a weak-handed stage that added to the challenge.  Here are some videos of each of the stages:

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Entry #Name (Last, First)Total Match ScoreTot Pen TimeTot Pts DnTotal Stage ScoreTotal Stage ScoreTotal Stage Score
1DERBY, CHRIS77.5001129.7723.9523.78
2ALRED, DAVID87.700326.9128.2432.55
3LEVAN, JEFF90.9501632.2037.9920.76
4SEVETZ, ED100.9901234.4240.6825.89
5LESLIE, KERRY138.7503746.7455.5836.43
6CABALES, LOU158.193550.4566.3541.39
7DERBY, CHASE171.0704761.5058.4251.15
8EWING, ANDREW185.4102269.4267.1448.85
9RIOS, EDWIN188.1931746.5589.7951.85
10SIMPSON, TOM195.3633555.1479.4760.75
11ACARON, JOSUE196.8904266.8260.9969.08
12WENDORFF, DANIEL205.6802059.5696.0050.12
13MCNAIR, JOSHUA228.46156972.0890.2866.10

Come shoot with us!


IDPA Results for 10/06/15

Here are the results from Tuesday night’s IDPA shoot.  We had 12 shooters for 3 stages of rapid fire fun!  Thank you to everyone who took the time to show up, and thank you to all the people that make this happen.  Next IDPA shoot is on 11/3/15, see you there!

Name (Last, First)DivClassTotal Match ScoreTot Pen TimeTot Pts DnTotal Stage ScoreTotal Stage ScoreTotal Stage Score
LOH, STEVENESPEX55.1201519.7024.6710.75
DERBY, CHRISCDPSS69.1152430.0529.139.93
ALRED, DAVIDSSP74.9682327.6736.8910.40
FUSSELL, GARRETTSSPSS78.4662130.9032.4015.16
SEVETZ, EDSSPEX85.140639.3037.748.10
PUCHOSIC, GARY98.5754232.2144.8621.50
EWING, ANDREW111.4834248.2638.9424.28
MORRIS, TOM112.6603144.5452.8715.25
LESLIE, KERRYSSPMM136.93114353.9360.6222.38
RIOS, EDSSPUN140.5884644.4372.1424.01
ACARON, JOSUESSPUN147.8652569.2663.8714.73
PINTO, ANDREWSSPUN150.9155148.4775.8926.55

New Ammo Policy

Here at BASICS: Range & Gun, we try to make shooting and practicing with your firearms as convenient and hassle free as possible.  We keep our day shooting fees and annual membership prices low so that people can afford to practice with their firearms.  We manufacture ammunition in 5 different handgun calibers on site so shooters will always have low cost ammo available for training.  Last year, we made a very difficult decision to require shooters to purchase all .223/5.56NATO ammo from us if they want to shoot it on our range.

This was a decision made purely in the interest of range and shooter safety.  As many of you know, there is a lot of inexpensive rifle ammo available for purchase.  Much of it is surplus military ammo.  A lot of that ammo is designed to penetrate hard targets.  Some of it is tracer ammo designed to let shooters track the flight and impact of their rounds.  Since we are an indoor range and are very concerned with making sure the rounds fired on the range stay on the range, you can understand why we’re concerned with making sure this ammo doesn’t make it out to our firing line.

We noticed that most of our shooters were as concerned with following the rules and protecting our range as we were.  However, there were some novice shooters who didn’t know the difference between good ammo and bad.  There were also some experienced shooters who forgot to show us all of the ammo they brought, which lead to concerning safety violations on the range.  This forced us to review our policy and require all shooters to purchase their .223/5.56 ammo from us.  We know that this decision was inconvenient for our shooters.  We know it lost us some regular customers, and even some members, but the safety of our shooters and the preservation of our equipment was our higher priority.

We’re proud to announce today that we’re relaxing our ammo policy just a little bit.  Starting today, Sept. 19th, annual members will no longer be required to purchase their .223/5.56 ammo from us.  So, if you are an annual member of the range you may bring your own .223/5.56 ammo to shoot during your range session.  We will still check it to verify it is safe to shoot on the range.  We still will not allow any STEEL CORE or STEEL JACKETED ammo on the range.  We still will not allow tracer ammunition on the range.  We’re still going to unload your magazines and check every round before it goes out on the range.  Any member or day shooter found in violation of the ammo policy will face disciplinary action, up to and including banning from the facility.

We know that our members are just as invested in the success of our range as we are.  We’re counting on you to help us keep the shooters and the equipment out there safe.  If you see an unsafe condition, be friendly and helpful when you take the shooter aside and let them know they’re violating the rules.  If they continue to violate the rules, or you don’t feel comfortable talking to them about it, let the range staff know what’s going on and we’ll be glad to speak with them.

We hope you find our new policy enjoyable, and we look forward to seeing you on the range.