Your Gun rights under attack

Your Gun Rights under attack

I have been grieved by the turnout after the coward Muslim terrorists murdered innocent Americans in California. There seemed to be a mad rush to get a gun. The reality is that the evil around you everyday is much more menacing. Fear not! We are responsible…not fearful!!!

Likewise, our current administration is determined to take our guns and rights away…not to worry…yet.

Do you know what the NRA really is? It is the most powerful lobby group in the United States. Why…because over 100,000,000 Americans own guns and support them. These 100,000,000 people are also the backbone of this great country.

Heck, since we opened we have bought a table at the Clay County Friends of the NRA and spend almost $2,000 a year on that table. Though it is great fun…I am trying to make a point!

Put into perspective, if each gun owning American gave the NRA just $10 a year, the NRA’s annual working budget would be a $1,000,000,000 a year (yep, ONE BILLION DOLLARS!). The NRA is powerful!

Politicians run when the NRA shows up.

This current gun grab by our president has no teeth. The only thing he was able to do was once again grow the government…which we will have to pay for…

The below article by USA Today (know telling us about this toothless attack made them cry) defines what the current attack really means…nothing; it is just dust in the wind…


If you like to collect and shoot guns, buy and shoot them. If you feel it important to protect yourself and your family, buy a gun and practice. If you feel you are the person standing in the gap (you are), act on it, get a gun, practice and be prepared. BUT don’t buy a gun out of fear!

I used to think the politicians were the sickness. I have decided they are the symptom…we are the sickness. As a country, we voted them into office, sheesh. At the last election the congress approval rating was in the teens yet 93% were re elected.

Get involved, teach your kids, be active and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

The Lord Bless You and see you at the range.


New Ammo Policy

Here at BASICS: Range & Gun, we try to make shooting and practicing with your firearms as convenient and hassle free as possible.  We keep our day shooting fees and annual membership prices low so that people can afford to practice with their firearms.  We manufacture ammunition in 5 different handgun calibers on site so shooters will always have low cost ammo available for training.  Last year, we made a very difficult decision to require shooters to purchase all .223/5.56NATO ammo from us if they want to shoot it on our range.

This was a decision made purely in the interest of range and shooter safety.  As many of you know, there is a lot of inexpensive rifle ammo available for purchase.  Much of it is surplus military ammo.  A lot of that ammo is designed to penetrate hard targets.  Some of it is tracer ammo designed to let shooters track the flight and impact of their rounds.  Since we are an indoor range and are very concerned with making sure the rounds fired on the range stay on the range, you can understand why we’re concerned with making sure this ammo doesn’t make it out to our firing line.

We noticed that most of our shooters were as concerned with following the rules and protecting our range as we were.  However, there were some novice shooters who didn’t know the difference between good ammo and bad.  There were also some experienced shooters who forgot to show us all of the ammo they brought, which lead to concerning safety violations on the range.  This forced us to review our policy and require all shooters to purchase their .223/5.56 ammo from us.  We know that this decision was inconvenient for our shooters.  We know it lost us some regular customers, and even some members, but the safety of our shooters and the preservation of our equipment was our higher priority.

We’re proud to announce today that we’re relaxing our ammo policy just a little bit.  Starting today, Sept. 19th, annual members will no longer be required to purchase their .223/5.56 ammo from us.  So, if you are an annual member of the range you may bring your own .223/5.56 ammo to shoot during your range session.  We will still check it to verify it is safe to shoot on the range.  We still will not allow any STEEL CORE or STEEL JACKETED ammo on the range.  We still will not allow tracer ammunition on the range.  We’re still going to unload your magazines and check every round before it goes out on the range.  Any member or day shooter found in violation of the ammo policy will face disciplinary action, up to and including banning from the facility.

We know that our members are just as invested in the success of our range as we are.  We’re counting on you to help us keep the shooters and the equipment out there safe.  If you see an unsafe condition, be friendly and helpful when you take the shooter aside and let them know they’re violating the rules.  If they continue to violate the rules, or you don’t feel comfortable talking to them about it, let the range staff know what’s going on and we’ll be glad to speak with them.

We hope you find our new policy enjoyable, and we look forward to seeing you on the range.


The Thin Blue Line Bumper Sticker

The Thin Blue Line Bumper Stickers.

FOR SALE for $3 a piece. 100% of the proceeds will go to C.O.P.S. (see below).

The Thin Blue Line Bumper Sticker

As most of you know our Law Enforcement is under attack. Sadly, you and I make up our country; we are its back bone…BUT, we live busy productive lives and little is heard from us. The small percentage of anti are LOUD! If our officers are thinking about repercussions (media, vocal anti citizens, etc.), they are less apt to respond as quickly or adequately…this places them in unnecessary risk. WE NEED TO LET THEM KNOW WE ARE OUT THERE AND THAT WE SUPPORT THEM!

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The below is a wonderful article and video about carrying a semi-automatic with a round in the chamber.

Before we talk about that I would like to talk in more detail about other topics the author briefly hits on.

Situational awareness:  We speak of this often but it is critical.  The more aware we are of our surroundings and environment, the earlier we can spot trouble.  Situational awareness is key.  Situational awareness is defined as a state of general awareness that allows you to take the element of surprise away from a threat to your personal security.

The bad guy needs to get close to you to attack you, situational awareness is paramount and will allow you to maintain distance.  Guns are standoff tools and if someone can get close to you, you have probably lost.

With Situational Awareness you will be able to spot other cues of an eminent attack.

Cues on an eminent attack.

A potential attack will probably will start with the interview. This is the time to stop the attack.  The best attack is the one that didn’t take place!  It may now be time to bring out “Mr. Ugly”.  Remember…VERY IMPORTANT; if you carry a gun you must reconcile with yourself that under the right circumstance, you would be willing to fire on another human being.  This is not a natural act for us, law abiding citizens, and it must be front, center and predetermined.

During the interview you may see other signs.

Target Glancing.

Weight shift.


Hands through the hair or rubbing the face or mouth.

Looking at his nine or three o’clock.

Tugging at cover garment.

Movement to the waist band.

Continuing to approach.

Watch the attached video. What you’re seeing is called the interview. The best fight is the one you are not in. You should already be at a heightened sense of awareness as the bad guy is trespassing and suspiciously looking at your truck. You will notice when the bad guy first turns, he tugs at his garment. This is a HUGE telltale and one we speak of during our concealed weapons course…that said, it is now time to react as it is probable that the bad guy is carrying a weapon!

Both Jeff and David are twice as fast as I am getting to their guns. David carries appendix at between 10 and 11 o’clock; David is left-handed. Jeff carries at 3 o’clock; Jeff is right handed.  Both ways to carry are fast to draw. I carried at 7 o’clock…I am left handed. I carry here because I find it very comfortable and most concealable; but it also makes me much slower in presentation. From the time of threat to the first shot fired both Jeff and David have fired in under one second. It takes me almost 2 seconds. That said I would lose in a fair fight…but we should not be in a fair fight! In the incident regarding the video, when he first tugged on his shirt, it is time to act. Put your hand on your gun. By doing this you have done several things; you have upped the possibility that you are going to be in a gunfight but you have also made it clear you are armed and you are not going to be a victim, by leaving the gun in the holster, you have also not brandished your weapon and pointed you deadly weapon at another person…BUT, you have shaved two seconds off the time it takes the average concealed carrier to get to their gun!

Remember, most bad guys are not heroes and don’t want to be in a gunfight; they are looking for a victim.  You have made it clear you are not going to be a victim. You will also notice when he goes to his firearm it takes him about two seconds to get the gun out. With your hand already on your weapon you should be able to get your first shot off in under one second, well ahead of his draw.  Remember, it is hard to out draw a drawn gun and if you are practiced, more than likely this bad guy will lose…if you are mentally prepared and act!

Now what you’ve done is threatening and when the crisis is over you will call the police. You will tell them what happened and why you did what you did. Watch the video several times.

We do not want to be attacked or injured and sadly, the threat of force may be what is needed.  But that threat may keep you from shooting someone or more importantly, being shot!  If needed, act with aggression.  DO NOT BE PASSIVE!

Now, to the empty chamber.

I carry my firearm hot, ready to fire. If you know any policeman, I know many, ask them how they carry their weapon; it is hot ready to fire.  IF it is good enough for our LEO’s it is definitely good enough for me! Now it may take time to build up to this point but when you’re ready, carry weapon ready to fire.

I had bought two semi-automatic pistols for my mother. She would not carry them hot nor would she let me teach her how to clear jams. I bought her revolver, which solved both problems, which she loves. The cylinder is full and the gun is hot ready to fire. Nothing has changed except her minds idea. It is all in our mind. Guns cannot go off by themselves excluding pre 1986 manufactured guns. The gun in a holster is a very safe place as a trigger is 100% protected, if you have a quality holster. Finger discipline is very important and must be learned.

Statistically if you need your weapon, it will be up close. Learn to draw your gun using your strong hand only. Curl your fingers and scoop; use your fingers and your thumb. Statistically you will need your weak hand to push off the threat. Do not practice by reaching across to pull up your garment with your weak hand. With a little practice you can draw very quickly.

The author talks about force on force events. We have one coming in October and it is a must! I have been involved in many Force on Force events and what the author said I agree with; you will never use two hands, you will not use your sights, you will shoot from the hip, half hip and sometime shoulder point. The gunfight will be over in less than three seconds. And you will move!

We teach practical shooting every other Saturday. We will learn to shoot from the hip, half hip and shoulder point, you will practice drawing from concealment, moving and using cover. You will learn to thread focus shoot; point shoot. It is very fast, all can do it. You will be able to shoot on the move and if you can see the threat you can hit threat.

Enjoy the article and watch the video…twice!

See you at the range.

Remember, we are not talking about fear but responsibility.  We are parents and our wives and children need us.

Nehemiah 4:14…read it!


Threat Focused Shooting/Practical Shooting/Point Shooting/Instinctive Shooting

A good friend and tremendous firearms instructor posted the below story on Threat Focused Shooting.  A great read

Threat Focused Shooting/Practical Shooting/Point Shooting

What we are going to work on tomorrow and why we will do it.

This skill is natural and instinctive. It is not just a skill for warriors but for wives, mothers, grandparents…everyone who carries a firearm.

Article posted by Mr. Robin Brown

The Purpose of Instincitive/Point Shooting
The purpose of instinctive/point shooting training is not to develop marksmanship; it is not to compete with other shooters; it is not to punch holes in paper targets; and it certainly is not to hunt small game. The purpose is to enable one to quickly and effectively stop someone who is trying to make you a victim.

In short, instincitive/point shooting trains people to win in a gunfight. The problem is that the innocent citizen or cop must wait until a predator makes an overt act; one cannot shoot another on mere suspicion. This places the citizen or cop in a situation where one must react to anothers actions.

In a gunfight, the aggressor has the advantage and the defender is usually a second or two behind. Thus the defender is already coming in second; and there are no second place winners! (Bill Jordan)

In order to win, given this terrible disadvantage, the defender must be able to overcome this lag time with a combination od speed and accuracy. This is what we teach: speed and accuracy in an armed encounter. Instinctive/Point Shooting trains you to win in a gunfight, even when the aggressor has the advantage. There are no rules in a gunfight/knifefight/streetfight. There are only facts, which if understood, can give you a winning edge.

Fact: Nearly all gunfights occur at distances of under three meters.
Fact: Most ginfights are over in two to three seconds.
Fact: A high percentage of gunfights occur in dim light or where sights are hardly visible.
Fact: In a spontaneous life-threatening situation, the body undergoes changes which deteriorate fine motor skills, while vision is FOCUSED EXCLUSIVELY on the threat.

Therefore: To win in a gunfight requires great speed and accuracy in drawing and firing the gun at close range without the use of sights. This is sometimes called instinctive shooting/point shooting/threat focused shooting.

Violence, whether recreational or otherwise, is part of the culture in western society. Therefore, whether we like it or not, violence is going to be a feature of our lives for a long time to come. Rather than to ignore it or hide away from it, we must learn to handle it. If we wish to stay in this beautiful but troubled country, we have to learn to deal with the problem.

The only objective way we can live with the violence is to avoid it, deflect it, or reduce its impact by being prepared for it, because it will not go away. This is a terrible notion for genteel folk who just want to live in peace, but one we can no longer ignore.

As usual, it is nature that holds the key. The human animal’s natural instincts, which include spontaneous reaction to sudden attack, are formidable powers which will usually ensure survival, but only if harnessed correctly. In my experience, there are two factors which constantly interfere with our primordial ability to defend ourselves, inappropriate equipment and training, which have killed (and continue to kill) many good guys.

After many long years involvement in personal security matters, I have reached the conclusion that in order to give full reign to the natural survival instincts of the human body, equipment and training must be kept simple as possible.

Recent history has shown that as far as attacks on farmers in our country are concerned, attackers average three to five in a group. Attacks on families inside there homes in urban areas appear to be no different.

The average attack occurs at very close range, and is over within a few seconds. This suggests that a handgun with sufficient firepower is called for. Attacks are sudden and with out warning. A huge bonus during such attack is a concealed handgun capable of immediate action, one that requires no time-wasting two handed-loading operation or a frantic search for a cunningly hidden safety catch.

What is needed is a handgun that can be pulled , pointed, and fired repeatedly without fuss or bother, as well as capable of being carried safely whilst in this ultra-ready mode.

Both the training offered and the equipment recommended by Instinctive/Point/Threat Focused Shooting are caculated to keep people safe whilst at the same time impacting minimally on their daily lives.

(This article was translated from hebrew to english by one of my private students who is a full time firearms instructor with a major city agency in California [ over 1400 officers ] and is reprinted with permission from Major Avi Nardia, Israeli Counterterroism Unit (Yamam)

Use of Force

Use of Force.

I tell people, “Guns are like airbags, if either go off something terrible has happened. It may or may not be your fault. You may or may not have been able to prevent it. But it will be bad. Regardless though, both could save your life.”

Before we discuss use of force, it is important to remember nothing changes when you carry a gun. You are not Super Man and that S on your chest will not stop bullets. Don’t go out to investigate bumps in the night. Try not to get involved in altercations. It may not be a good idea to intervene in an armed robbery…etc. CALL THE POLICE! They will come with friends, wear body armor and they are trained to deal with these issues…you and I are not!

Here is how we will live…

• We will live a lifestyle of:
• Avoidance
• Evasion
• De-escalation
Last, we will fight to protect our lives and the lives of our families! For me, that is it. I am not a policeman and my view is, “my gun is for me and my family”.

• When can you use deadly force? Here is the criteria as I see it. Bad Guy has the ability/means to cause you harm (weapon), the opportunity to do so (proximity) and has indicated his/her inclination to do so through word or deed (motive/jeopardy).

Here is when the State of Florida says you can use your gun…
• Deadly force means force that is likely to cause death or great bodily harm.
• Justifiable use of Deadly force (you can use your weapon in defense of a forcible felony): Forcible felony means treason; murder; manslaughter; sexual battery; carjacking; home-invasion robbery, robbery; burglary; arson; kidnapping; aggravated assault; aggravated battery; aggravated stalking; aircraft piracy; unlawful throwing, placing or discharging of a destructive device or bomb; and any other felony which involves the use or threat of physical force or violence against any individual.

Holy Smokes…we live in the Wild West! Well, not exactly…remember Mr. Zimmerman? Here is what you need to remember. Were you or another in fear of losing your/their life or in fear of great bodily harm? Well, from there it is going to be tricky as more than likely, witnesses will try not to be witnesses (the human factor) and the rest who are going to try and make an accurate decision weren’t there. Example: will the policemen who first show up think your life was in danger? Will his department? Will the States Attorney? What about a Grand Jury? What about a judge and jury? The whole thing is very convoluted and there is no guarantee? The good part (like Zimmerman) is that you will be alive to fight, defend yourself in court or go to jail…but in all, you and your loved ones might be alive because of your prudent decision to fight?

Remember, our defensive action will be traumatic, expensive and time consuming.
We may be arrested
We may lose our weapon
We may go to court
We may go to jail
Guns are a last chance effort to save our lives or the lives of our loved ones. That’s it!

Now, if you use force and it appears it was justified, you MAY be immune to civil suit but remember, the parents or families of these fine young men will say their son’s were turning a new leaf…you should have just given them your money or whatever!? Further, if you had to shoot their choir boy son, you should have just shot them in the arm and winged them.
With immunity, it just got a little harder, it appears it will now be up to you to prove you were in the right, not the State Attorney’s job to prove you were in the wrong…wow. Our system, for me, appears to be slanted in the wrong direction…bet I could get a few LEO’s to agree with me.

Here is the link to the court’s opinion:…/bretherick-v-state-2015-fla-…/ Our job just got harder.

There is nothing good in the use of your weapon except you and your family are alive…well, that is really all that matters. BUT, the injury of another person, even a bad guy, and the aftermath caused is bad.

I hope you found this article interesting and helpful.

The Lord Bless You and your family.

See you at the range.


Shooting in South Carolina

Shooting in South Carolina.

There are over 90,000,000 gun owners in the United States…no telling how many guns are out there? In America, few places make you register firearms. Though the liberal might think it a great idea to ban guns…well, that cat is out of the bag and good luck putting back in. There is just no possible way to find all and worse, only you and I…the law abiding, will follow the laws. The bad guys will still have guns…being in a gun fight without a gun is probably not a good idea!

I put a story of a shooting that happened in Aurora Colorado, on our website, where a felon had just gotten out of jail, got a gun, killed people and was in a church parking lot shooting others when an off duty policeman..woman, interceded and killed the bad guy right there…hooray policemen (the shooting only made their local news). Of course we all know that bad guys can’t get guns…umm.

The most dangerous place for us to be are gun free zones. The church at Charleston is a very good example. I have done over 120 free concealed weapons courses at my church…doubt we will be attacked.

Likewise, there is only one safer place in Clay County to be than our shop…that would be the sheriff’s office. We encourage concealed carry at our shop…would be a very bad place to be the bad guy.

In our Concealed Weapons Course, we listen to an actual call from an elderly woman to the police. She knows the bad guy is out there. Police are coming but when they get there they find a dead body. I personally believe a firearm may have changed that outcome?

The media only tells us of evil (they put crazy and stupid in the same category), but did you know for every bad guy that uses a gun a good guy uses it 80 times to protect him/her and family? Why doesn’t anyone talk about this?

Cain killed Abel way before there were guns…he then lied about it. That theme continues today. Our policemen have very secure jobs; we can’t stop stupid, crazy, or evil.

My view, the only way to stop someone with a gun is with a gun. Of course others may have a different view?

In the sixties, we took the Bible out of schools. We are now taking it out of everywhere else. We are in a moral free-fall and families are being affected.

The killer of the innocent people in Charleston posted many things on social media. Most should have been a red flag…nothing was done. Worse, he told his friends he was planning on killing a lot of people…remember, all it takes for evil to prevail is that good men do nothing.

I believe we over medicate our children and if you look, there seems to be a theme attached to these mass shootings and psychiatric drugs, yet somehow it is always the guns fault? Rifles are used in some of these horrendous murders…of course they are terrible and visceral but did you know blunt objects, used in murders, kill far more people?

I had a banker who once told me he and the bank had to make a moral decision and they both chose not to deal with guns…I had no idea guns were moral…I thought human beings were moral and guns were just a hammer…a tool…who knew!?

I have heard that if a gun was in the home, children would die. Statistics put death of children with guns at the very bottom…under bikes; .2% while cars are 43%. I think drowning was 17%…hmm.

Did you know that when Florida created the “shall issue” versus “may issue” concealed weapons license (made it possible for all law abiding people to get a license to carry a weapon), murder went down by 40% the next year? Texas statistics are even more impressive. Likewise, where we can’t have a gun or license the statistics get scary.

Chicago has the highest murder rate in the country; highest policemen being shot rate too…yet you and I can’t carry a gun (that is starting to change).

Several years ago, a law abiding citizen in Polk County was at an ATM late at night (don’t do that), three men, who had guns, tried to rob him. The good guy too had a gun and shot at least one of them. The Sheriff was quoted as saying, “the bad guys need to find another way to make a living, more and more honest law abiding citizens are carrying guns and the bad guys are going to get shot.”

I am friends with many of our law enforcement officers (amazing and wonderful guys). I CAN tell you there is evil, crazy and stupid all around us. Few of what these brave men do makes the papers because our heroes intervene…but it is out there.

I could go on. I could add links to my post. There are so many statistics (history lesson) that refute what the left and media says. I really don’t care what others do but I am not interested in having people, who may have armed security, tell you and me what we are going to do.

I carry a firearm, I study the law, I study mindset and tactics and I faithfully PRACTICE.

Most of us live wonderful busy lives. We work, love and support our families, help our community and never see the bad…statistically we are safe but to have an average you will have highs and lows…it can happen to us.

Did you know a gun is shown over 2.5 million times a year to stop a bad guy…there is evil all around us!

Our families are breaking down and are under attack. Community and neighborhood pride and care of its people, waning. Godly principles, which made our country great seem to be unfashionable.

We will take care of our families, raise our children to be better than we are, help our community and give back…we can and will change our nation.

BASICS: God, family, community…that is what made our country great.

Remember, ours is not a life of fear, but of responsibility. We are responsible for our families, neighbors and friends.


Hand Held Flashlights; small, bright, practical and both a defensive and offensive tool

Hand Held Flashlights

Flashlights have gotten very bright and convenient to use and carry. When I grew up we had five cell Mag Lights; big and not too bright.

EVERYONE should carry a small flashlight. Mine is about 3.5 inches long and is 300 lumens (that is bright). It sits very comfortably in my pocket next to my tactical (tacticool) Leatherman pocket knife. It has three brightness settings and a strobe. These lights are not very expensive and have gotten smaller and brighter…mine is old.

Problem, if all you carry is a firearm, every issue is a nail and the only tool you have is a hammer. Flashlights are a wonderful tactical defensive or offensive weapon. Don’t believe me, take one of these lights outside at night, let your eyes adjust to the dimness and ask your mate or friend to shine the light in your eyes for just a second and then turn the light off. WOW, it will hurt and you won’t be able to see for several seconds. You will also be disoriented (the idea is to determine if they (potential threat) are actually a threat, decide your course of action or just run away! Further, most of these small lights have a serrated bezel (think cookie cutter). Terrible weapon to the face.

Even if you have tacticool night sights on your gun we must KNOW what we are pointing our gun at; it may not be a bad guy. Though our LE carry lights on their weapons…we are not LE. With a gun mounted light, in order to use the light, you are now pointing a (hopefully) loaded and chambered deadly weapon at someone…that may not be a good idea.

Lights are tacticool tools. There are several ways to use them. Unlike daytime shooting, if you are “pieing” around a corner, you are probably shining the light on a wall and it of course will reflect light back at you…you are now a great target. When you reload, turn it off and move. If you use it, use it briefly, turn it off and move to reuse it.

I practice with a light and thought I was pretty proficient. I then took a course with our SWAT instructor and Certified LE Trainer, Shawn Marx, on how to use a light tactically…I actually knew nothing. It was an amazing class.

Everyone should carry a small light. I gave one to Sherry (runs the company), gave one to my mother and to my sweet heart Anna. Flashlights are also practical with day to day issues and are so small they are not inconvenient to carry.

Below are three good articles on lights. When you have time go and look at them…umm, read them!

If you are interested in taking a flashlight course with Shawn, let us know and we will set one up…I will join you and will take it again, I feel it was that important.

Lord Bless You and see you at the range.