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    Our tactical indoor gun range serves Jacksonville, Orange Park, Fleming Island, Green Cove Springs, Middleburg and St. Johns County. We are a full service range open to the public. Read More

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    In our retail shop you will encounter patient staff who work to ensure you make the best decision possible. You will receive a free 30-day membership with any firearm purchase.

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    We offer extensive training opportunities; some classes are at no cost to our patrons.

    For those uncomfortable with the idea of carrying a firearm, we also offer a Less Than Lethal Self-Defense class. Read More

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We’re building a second tactical indoor gun range. Investment/ownership opportunity. If interested, contact us at (904) 276-9710.


Franklin and I have been shooting partners for almost two years. I have attended several of his Concealed Weapons Courses and have assisted him on one. When my wife and son decided to get their concealed weapons license, it was Franklin that I suggested they take the course from. Franklin’s course is extremely thorough and teaches what all new shooters should know.

Describing Franklin; Friendly, honest and knowledgeable are but a few of the adjectives that come to mind when describing Franklin Dickinson. Although I have known Franklin for less than two years, I consider him one of the most responsible and respectable people I know. His word is his bond. He keeps his appointments or will inform you of any delays. He will not intentionally deceive. He is straight-forward and fair, almost to a fault. He has a positive outlook on life and a passion for his business. He is compassionate and respectful of others. Franklin is very knowledgeable and selflessly shares this knowledge with others. Franklin abides by his faith and treats everyone, regardless of race, creed or color, with respect. Franklin has something scarce in this day and age called integrity. I am proud to call Franklin a friend.

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Ground Operations Development

Training our tactical teams and the law enforcement community to the next level today; to meet the challenges and increased threats of tomorrow.

  • SWAT I

Tactical Training Team

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Opposition Based Clinic Outline


“Bridging the gap between Range & Reality


BASICS will be providing a 4 hour Opposition Based clinic utilizing the UTM system.  Aside from our various live fire classes offered, members & guests can now expand their training portfolio.

Time to put your skills up against a live opponent.  This class is a Force on Force clinic that will test your ability to employ a firearm in defensive situations.  More important than the exercises themselves, will be the after action briefs.  Shooter students will be held accountable for shot placement and will need to articulate the “why” in every decision.  The main catalyst to Force on Force training is the “Pain Penalty” which gives you immediate feedback and creates a different kind of stress inoculation.  This is NOT a class on “How to be a Tuffy Gunfighter 101”.        

REMINDER:  This class is run from a conceal carry posture ONLY !  Wear clothing appropriate for the training.

Some of the topic covered are:

– Authorized Use of Deadly Force

– Covert vs. Conceal carry

– Increased Muzzle Discipline

– Assessing your Environment

– Proper Target Acquisition & Discrimination

– Accountability of shot placement

– Avoid or Engage : Why get into the fight you could have avoided?

Provided to Shooter Students:

– Personal Protective Gear: Mask, Gloves, Neck Covering

– UTM converted firearms, UTM Ammo & Magazines

– Holster: You will have a pick of either Inside or Outside the waistband.

Students should bring the following:

– Hat w/Brim or skull cap ( worn with mask during Force on Force exercises )

– Minimum 2 layers of long sleeves / pants w/belt loops & belt / Closed toe shoes

– Comfortable clothing for indoor range environment.

– Snacks & Water

– Note taking material

Course and Enrollment Information

  • Must be a U.S Citizen to attend this course.
  • Cost is $120 which includes range fee.
  • Limited to 5 students per class

Registration/Enrollment will be handled by Sean Mariucci of DWS LLC.  Contact with any questions – concerns – comments


Freedom Pistol Match Scores
MCL Score
1st Trey Fagan 188
2nd Scott Westervelt 185
3rd Jack Campbell 183
3rd Bernard Mortenson 183
AL Jerry Anthony 161
VFW Rick Martin 132
MCL Trey Fagan 184
1st David Alred 194
2nd Chris Derby 192
3rd Josh McNair 187
3rd Jeff Desjardins 187
1st Jay Manno 171
2nd Ted Richardson 147
3rd Todd Thompson 125
1st Glenda Alred 122
2nd Lisa Hiering 98
1st JJ Faro 158