Hand Held Flashlights; small, bright, practical and both a defensive and offensive tool

Hand Held Flashlights

Flashlights have gotten very bright and convenient to use and carry. When I grew up we had five cell Mag Lights; big and not too bright.

EVERYONE should carry a small flashlight. Mine is about 3.5 inches long and is 300 lumens (that is bright). It sits very comfortably in my pocket next to my tactical (tacticool) Leatherman pocket knife. It has three brightness settings and a strobe. These lights are not very expensive and have gotten smaller and brighter…mine is old.

Problem, if all you carry is a firearm, every issue is a nail and the only tool you have is a hammer. Flashlights are a wonderful tactical defensive or offensive weapon. Don’t believe me, take one of these lights outside at night, let your eyes adjust to the dimness and ask your mate or friend to shine the light in your eyes for just a second and then turn the light off. WOW, it will hurt and you won’t be able to see for several seconds. You will also be disoriented (the idea is to determine if they (potential threat) are actually a threat, decide your course of action or just run away! Further, most of these small lights have a serrated bezel (think cookie cutter). Terrible weapon to the face.

Even if you have tacticool night sights on your gun we must KNOW what we are pointing our gun at; it may not be a bad guy. Though our LE carry lights on their weapons…we are not LE. With a gun mounted light, in order to use the light, you are now pointing a (hopefully) loaded and chambered deadly weapon at someone…that may not be a good idea.

Lights are tacticool tools. There are several ways to use them. Unlike daytime shooting, if you are “pieing” around a corner, you are probably shining the light on a wall and it of course will reflect light back at you…you are now a great target. When you reload, turn it off and move. If you use it, use it briefly, turn it off and move to reuse it.

I practice with a light and thought I was pretty proficient. I then took a course with our SWAT instructor and Certified LE Trainer, Shawn Marx, on how to use a light tactically…I actually knew nothing. It was an amazing class.

Everyone should carry a small light. I gave one to Sherry (runs the company), gave one to my mother and to my sweet heart Anna. Flashlights are also practical with day to day issues and are so small they are not inconvenient to carry.

Below are three good articles on lights. When you have time go and look at them…umm, read them!

If you are interested in taking a flashlight course with Shawn, let us know and we will set one up…I will join you and will take it again, I feel it was that important.

Lord Bless You and see you at the range.