Shooting in South Carolina

Shooting in South Carolina.

There are over 90,000,000 gun owners in the United States…no telling how many guns are out there? In America, few places make you register firearms. Though the liberal might think it a great idea to ban guns…well, that cat is out of the bag and good luck putting back in. There is just no possible way to find all and worse, only you and I…the law abiding, will follow the laws. The bad guys will still have guns…being in a gun fight without a gun is probably not a good idea!

I put a story of a shooting that happened in Aurora Colorado, on our website, where a felon had just gotten out of jail, got a gun, killed people and was in a church parking lot shooting others when an off duty policeman..woman, interceded and killed the bad guy right there…hooray policemen (the shooting only made their local news). Of course we all know that bad guys can’t get guns…umm.

The most dangerous place for us to be are gun free zones. The church at Charleston is a very good example. I have done over 120 free concealed weapons courses at my church…doubt we will be attacked.

Likewise, there is only one safer place in Clay County to be than our shop…that would be the sheriff’s office. We encourage concealed carry at our shop…would be a very bad place to be the bad guy.

In our Concealed Weapons Course, we listen to an actual call from an elderly woman to the police. She knows the bad guy is out there. Police are coming but when they get there they find a dead body. I personally believe a firearm may have changed that outcome?

The media only tells us of evil (they put crazy and stupid in the same category), but did you know for every bad guy that uses a gun a good guy uses it 80 times to protect him/her and family? Why doesn’t anyone talk about this?

Cain killed Abel way before there were guns…he then lied about it. That theme continues today. Our policemen have very secure jobs; we can’t stop stupid, crazy, or evil.

My view, the only way to stop someone with a gun is with a gun. Of course others may have a different view?

In the sixties, we took the Bible out of schools. We are now taking it out of everywhere else. We are in a moral free-fall and families are being affected.

The killer of the innocent people in Charleston posted many things on social media. Most should have been a red flag…nothing was done. Worse, he told his friends he was planning on killing a lot of people…remember, all it takes for evil to prevail is that good men do nothing.

I believe we over medicate our children and if you look, there seems to be a theme attached to these mass shootings and psychiatric drugs, yet somehow it is always the guns fault? Rifles are used in some of these horrendous murders…of course they are terrible and visceral but did you know blunt objects, used in murders, kill far more people?

I had a banker who once told me he and the bank had to make a moral decision and they both chose not to deal with guns…I had no idea guns were moral…I thought human beings were moral and guns were just a hammer…a tool…who knew!?

I have heard that if a gun was in the home, children would die. Statistics put death of children with guns at the very bottom…under bikes; .2% while cars are 43%. I think drowning was 17%…hmm.

Did you know that when Florida created the “shall issue” versus “may issue” concealed weapons license (made it possible for all law abiding people to get a license to carry a weapon), murder went down by 40% the next year? Texas statistics are even more impressive. Likewise, where we can’t have a gun or license the statistics get scary.

Chicago has the highest murder rate in the country; highest policemen being shot rate too…yet you and I can’t carry a gun (that is starting to change).

Several years ago, a law abiding citizen in Polk County was at an ATM late at night (don’t do that), three men, who had guns, tried to rob him. The good guy too had a gun and shot at least one of them. The Sheriff was quoted as saying, “the bad guys need to find another way to make a living, more and more honest law abiding citizens are carrying guns and the bad guys are going to get shot.”

I am friends with many of our law enforcement officers (amazing and wonderful guys). I CAN tell you there is evil, crazy and stupid all around us. Few of what these brave men do makes the papers because our heroes intervene…but it is out there.

I could go on. I could add links to my post. There are so many statistics (history lesson) that refute what the left and media says. I really don’t care what others do but I am not interested in having people, who may have armed security, tell you and me what we are going to do.

I carry a firearm, I study the law, I study mindset and tactics and I faithfully PRACTICE.

Most of us live wonderful busy lives. We work, love and support our families, help our community and never see the bad…statistically we are safe but to have an average you will have highs and lows…it can happen to us.

Did you know a gun is shown over 2.5 million times a year to stop a bad guy…there is evil all around us!

Our families are breaking down and are under attack. Community and neighborhood pride and care of its people, waning. Godly principles, which made our country great seem to be unfashionable.

We will take care of our families, raise our children to be better than we are, help our community and give back…we can and will change our nation.

BASICS: God, family, community…that is what made our country great.

Remember, ours is not a life of fear, but of responsibility. We are responsible for our families, neighbors and friends.