Self Defense Stories

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For every time a bad guys uses a gun to break the law, rob or injure an innocent law abiding citizen, a good guy (law abiding citizen) uses his gun against the bad guy up to eighty times in defense of others, his family or himself.

We see the negative associated with firearms in the news every night but few of these news outlets seem too interested in reporting the use of guns (justifiably) to keep the law abiding safe. Below are some of the actual stories where law abiding citizen used their gun in justifiable defense against the bad guy.

72-year-old Woman Fends Off Intruder

A grandmother and wife of an 88-year-old, wheelchair-bound WWII veteran narrowly missed hitting an intruder the other night. Despite the barking of her Rottweiler he was trying to get in the back door and she found herself forced to .357-magnum Smith & Wesson revolver to send him running.