Kids and Guns

We teach kids gun safety!

When children understand what a firearm is and what it does, it changes everything!

Course Objectives:

  • Instruct children on what they should do if they see a gun; who to contact, what to do.
  • Teach them proper gun safety, how to check both a revolver and semiautomatic to make sure it is safe.
  • Learn to load, unload and clear both a revolver and semiautomatic.
  • Instruct on proper grip and proper sight picture.
  • Shoot both a revolver and semiautomatic on the range (this is where we put all the above to work and put it all together).


No open toed shoes or low cut shirts.



Course Length:

Three hours



This course is broken up into two sections.

The first, what we want kids to do IF they see a gun. This portion is free. It includes shooting a blank so our kids can see the fire that comes out of the barrel and hear the noise.

The second part is an actual gun course and includes guns safety, loading, unloading, checking, grip, sight picture and shooting both a revolver and semiautomatic on the range.

If you’d like to visit our range to get familiar with our facilities, we are located in Orange Park off of College Drive near Fleming Island.

Additional Information:

We supply both a .22 revolver and semiautomatic (no recoil and less noise). We supply the ammunition, targets (each child gets their own target to take home) and eye and ear protection.

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