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Threat Focused Shooting/Practical Shooting/Low Light Shooting 2019

6:30 pm - 9:00 pm


Threat Focused Shooting/Practical Shooting/Low Light Shooting

If you carry a firearm, this is a skill that all should learn.  We will be using our bodies natural ability to point.  It is very fast.  Can be used on the move and in low light.  Multi taps are a breeze as we are not trying to reacquire the sights. Once we feel we understand this easily learned skill, we will put it to work…we will practice move and shoot (practical shooting).  We will shoot as we carry, fire on multiple threats, use cover, we will move! Finally, to get a better understanding of the benefits of point shooting, we will work in low light…acquiring your sights will be difficult.  Point shoot just became more important to learn.

Requirements: You will need your carry gun, holster, cover and have 150 rounds (you can use the ammo you want but you may miss a some of the party), eyes and ears or borrow ours. This will be great fun.

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179 College Dr. #5
Orange Park, FL 32065 United States