Facility and Safety Rules

Range Facility Rules

Eye and ear protection must be worn before entering first access door into range.

Do not carry loaded guns from back cabinet to shooting stalls.  All guns must be loaded and unloaded in the shooting stalls.  Transporting guns from back cabinet to range stall; pistols and rifles must have breach locked back and revolvers must have cylinder open.

Fire on BULLET TRAP only (device at end of range to stop bullets).  Place all targets at eye level for each shooter.  Do not stack targets one above the other.  Placing targets high or low on target backer will cause you to shoot the floor or the ceiling.  You will be responsible for all damage to the range.

Parents are responsible for their children on the range.  Proper supervision required.

If you are a new shooter, please ask one of our staff members for help.

No steel core, solid steel or armor piercing bullets allowed on range. You will be responsible for damage caused by these projectiles.

Bulls eye shooting (aimed slow fire target shooting) on range only unless otherwise authorized by management.  No double tap/rapid fire or drawing from holster without prior approval of management.  Members, day shooters or LEO’s prequalified by BASICS: may multi tap and draw from the hip.  Qualification card must be displayed on stall divider.

Members reloading ammunition must have management’s prior permission before picking up brass off floor.  Abusing right to pick up brass may cause this courtesy to be revoked.  Do not pick up brass for personal use without prior permission and do not take more than you have shot.

Unload magazines before arriving (excludes carry weapon).  All ammunition must be checked.

Shooting a light, the floor, walls, shooting stalls or ceiling baffles; shooter agrees to pay for repair and must be paid at time of incident.  This will include any act of negligence or abuse.

If you are called unsafe by fellow shooters, range master or management, range master will instruct on range etiquette and safety rules.  A second call of unsafe and you will be asked to leave and will be required to take a safety course before you can return to the range.

No rifles over .308WIN or pistols over .500 S&W Magnum.


Pistols using shotgun or shotshell ammunition are not allowed on the range.

ALL guns must be placed on shooting shelf when not in use and must be unloaded with slide locked, breach up.  Revolvers will have cylinder open and raised up.

Guns must be stored or concealed before entering store or leaving shooting lane.

Report all violations, general concerns and safety concerns immediately to Range Master or management.

Use common sense/courtesy while utilizing the facilities.  Proper dress/etiquette required.

Clean up all trash (targets, ammo boxes, etc.).  Place all spent brass in identified container.

No V neck, low cut shirts or open toed shoes on the range.

Only guns in good working order allowed.

No consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises or grounds of Basics Range and Gun, LLC is permitted.

ALWAYS treat EVERY firearm as if it were loaded.

LASER SAFETY RULE ALWAYS APPLIES (treat your weapon as a laser, anything the barrel crosses it destroys).

ALL guns must be pointed down range at all times.

Keep your finger OFF the trigger until you are prepared to fire (off the target, off the trigger).

If range is called cold, a cease fire is called or if you see flashing lights, completely unload ALL firearms, open lock slide and cylinders, place on the shooting shelf ejection port or cylinder facing up and step back away from shooting area.