Instructor Bios

BASICS: Range and Gun is proud to have an excellent staff of professional gun and firearm instructors. All are extremely qualified, but more importantly to us, are extraordinary instructors; observant, kind, patient, articulate and love helping and training others.

Below are their bios and certifications. If you have any additional questions about our instructors or our classes please contact us.

The Guys At BASICS:

Franklin Dickinson

Franklin has been a life long shooter starting at the age of seven. Primarily a hunter using rifle and shotgun he started shooting pistols in 1976. In 2007 he obtained his Florida Concealed Weapons License and a change occurred; he went from predator to prey and was forced to study a new mindset. Franklin is a proponent of Threat Focused Shooting, also known as Point Shooting and Practical Shooting. He has taken training from Robin Brown, Threat Focused Shooting, but is self taught. His passion is in helping others.