Intermediate Handgun Course

Course Objectives:

Intermediate Handgun Course will teach proper drawing techniques, malfunction clearing and tactical reloading, proper use of cover/concealment and barricades, various shooting positions and shooting on the move.

Course Length: 3 Hours

Equipment Required: Pistol w/2 extra magazines Holster w/good belt, magazine pouches, eye and ear protection, good shoes or boots- no sandals or flip flops, 200 rounds of ammunition

Safety brief
Unloaded Drills
Sight Alignment
Sight Picture
Trigger Control
Trigger reset
Dry/Loaded Drills- demo- run dry- run hot Shoot Dots from ready pistol
(stress finger out of trigger guard until ready to shoot) load with 6
rounds repeat as needed until students start hitting the target
Shoot Dots from the holster
Shoot Dots from concealed
Reloading- emergency and Tactical
Shot Placement On Target – shoot man style target
Controlled Pairs
Engaging 2 Targets
Stepping off line- lateral movement –  when loading on the open – move left
Box Step- move left, move forward, move right, move back
Moving and Shooting- smooth walk – heel to toe/ toe to heel. Forward
Backward – Side to Side
Cover and Concealment
Moving to Cover
Shooting From Cover

Requirements (not a new shooter course):

You will need two hundred rounds, carry gun, carry holster, cover, spare magazines and magazine pouch, eyes and ears (we can loan you these).

Maximum class size: 8

Minimum class size: 5