New Shooter

Course Objectives

Learn gun safety! Understand ballistics, types of pistols, proper grip, sight picture, loading, unloading, safe firearm ownership and shoot multiple handguns from sub sub compacts to full size handguns.

Course Level

New shooter or those looking to try different guns before they make a decision

Course Topics

  • Gun safety!
  • Handgun ballistics
  • Proper grip and sight picture with a revolver and semiautomatic
  • Loading, unloading and checking firearms
  • Range work with instructor and multiple handguns


None. Please don’t wear open toed shoes or low cut shirts.

Course Length

Four hours



Addition Information
All of us at BASICS: want you to be proficient with your firearm. We are here to help.

We will start the class in the education room talking about gun safety; the most important aspect of owning a firearm. We will then work on proper grip with a revolver and semi-automatic (different grips are used for revolver and semi auto) using blue guns (dummy guns), work on proper sight picture with an unloaded firearm, work with snap caps (inert rounds) with revolver and semi auto (loading, unloading, making safe).

We will look at ballistics and what are appropriate bullet weights and power charges for different length barrels. We will look and talk about all the different choices you have in pistols; single stack, double stack, polymer, all steel, double action, double action/single action, striker fire, single action…many choices and all have pluses and misuses.

From there…range time!!!

We want you to get an idea of how guns of different calibers and sizes feel to shoot. So many buy small guns only to find they are uncomfortable to shoot and hard to aim. Larger guns are more comfortable to shoot, easier to aim but may be uncomfortable to carry and conceal.

We will shoot FOURTEEN different guns; a RUGER SR 22, RUGER LCR 22, GLOCK G34, Smith & Wesson M&P 9 Service, GLOCK G26, SIG P250, SIG P365, Smith & Wesson M&P EZ, Walter PK380, SIG P238, TAURUS ULTRA-LITE 38, GLOCK G23, SPRING FIELD 1911 and a GLOCK G21. It is mindmelt but not worry, you are given handouts detailing the guns with areas to make notes; we also give you a pen.  Throughout the shooting exercise you will have an instructor at your side helping; with grip, trigger control and your sight picture. He will help with gun safety, loading and making the gun safe. You will learn and you will have fun.

This will give new shooters an idea of what to expect from guns they may want to purchase.

We will supply the guns, ammunition, targets, eye and ear protection and range time for the class.

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