Open Defensive Shooting Training Sessions

Though important for building the fundamentals, bull’s eye-style shooting is just part of what should be learned and practiced. In the event of an assault, statistics tell us that this horrific event will happen within ten feet and you will be reacting to an action. You will be playing catch up and will be behind the curve. You need to learn Instinctive Shooting, a set of skills that will allow you to get ahead of the curve and survive. You need to practice drawing from your carry gear, shooting on the move, using one hand and two, strong hand and weak, using cover and engaging multiple targets.

These sessions are not about being the best shooter in the nation but in being proficient enough with the skills needed to prevail in a lethal force encounter. It is not a competition, so no need to be nervous. Just relax, have fun and learn…PRACTICE!

Our range construction costs were made considerably more expensive by adding the additional ability to support these types of sessions so take advantage of the assets we’ve built!

Safety and your security are why we are here. In order to attend these sessions, you will need to be a range member, LE, military or first responder and you will need to take the Introduction to Firearms Fundamentals and Point Shooting courses in order to attend. If you have not taken one of the above courses, please speak to our staff about alternative qualifications. We believe if you are unsafe with your fire arm, not only are you NOT a blessing to our community and your family, but a true detriment to both.

We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity.

During these shooting events we will have safety officers in the range to maintain safety, answer your questions and help you with your training.

Not only will these events be informative and of great value, they will be fun!

Contact us and find out more about these practical defensive shooting sessions. Come by our location in Orange Park, Florida to tour our facilities.

We look forward to further discussing these great events with you!

At select times our range will be closed to general shooting so that our members, law enforcement, military and first responders can practice as they carry.