Notice - Lawful Concealed Cary Permitted on Our Premises.

Our range has the following:

  • Tactical Gun range rated up to .30-06 allowing practical move and shoot; lateral and down range
  • Bull’s eye shooting
  • Ten lanes
  • Two bays five feet wide for training children and use in wheel chair
  • 15 four bulb 2×4 foot lay in lights in shooting area
  • Sound absorbing wall application to lessen noise and muzzle blast
  • All shooters may bring their own ammunition and targets
  • Eight four foot wide shooting bays
  • Bay dividers four feet deep and eight feet tall
  • Bullet resistant shooting stall dividers
  • Electronic target retrieval system
  • 220 dimmable lights down range
  • One spot light over each shooting shelf
  • 714 sq.ft. observation area
  • Reloaders may pick up their own brass
  • Twenty yards
  • 33 tons of HVAC

Anyone is welcome to our indoor gun range.

Anyone is welcome to come and shoot with their own weapon and ammunition for only $17 a day (Mon-Thurs) $19 a day (Fri-Sun) plus 7.5% tax; parents with children or adults sharing a lane are charged $12 a day (Mon-Thurs) $15 a day (Fri-Sun) per person, plus 7.5% tax (parents decide the age to start training their children, not us).

Active duty, veterans, and retired law enforcement, military and fire department pay $15 per day. If you plan to visit frequently, please consider purchasing a membership.

Our indoor shooting range is located in Orange Park / Fleming Island, Florida.

BASICS: Range & Gun is located at the signalized intersection of 179 College Drive in Suites 1-6.

Our location is central to

  • Clay County
  • Orange Park
  • Fleming Island
  • Middleburg
  • Green Cove Springs

We are also an easy drive for those living in Jacksonville and St. Johns County.

Our number one goal is to be an asset to our community and its law enforcement. We are here for you.

Access and parking are excellent.

Our parking lot and building lighting is bright. We have plenty of parking close to the range for the convenience our customers.

Quality gun range and firearm store.

Our range is a 20 yard, 10 lane range that is both Bull’s eye and Tactical. Tactical shooting during private, scheduled classes is conducted. During these tactical classes, you will be able to draw from concealment, move and shoot, use cover and fire on multiple targets.

Well lit for safety.

With 296 lights, the range is very well lit.  We have 230 adjustable LED lights and with scheduled classes, you will be able to practice in low light settings.

Smoke free guaranteed.

Our range is smoke free! We guarantee it. When you pull the trigger, the gun smoke is already moving away from you.

Temperature controlled.

We use 33 tons of air conditioning to insure our range is comfortable year round. Our range is cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Our shooting stalls are four feet deep. There is nothing worse than having your neighbor’s spent brass hit you as you are trying to concentrate.

The shooting stall’s gun shelf is eighteen inches deep and four feet wide, rubber topped and wood rimmed and ensures what you place on the shelf stays on the shelf and won’t get scratched.

We have two accessible stalls with shelves lowered thirty two inches; these stalls are also five feet wide to allow ease of access while in a wheel chair. We encourage all disabled individuals to come and shoot with us and we are here to help you if you need assistance. These two shooting booths are also ideal for member’s children and allow you to stand with your child as he or she shoots. We encourage you to bring and train all children.

Qualified gun and firearm instructors.

Our highly qualified instructors will teach in depth concealed weapons courses, basic firearm, defensive point shooting and many other advanced courses. Our view is there are no poor questions, just poor decisions.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask as our instructors will assist.

We welcome you to our store.

Our desire is that you would feel welcome and that we would leave you with more knowledge and better shooting skills.

We welcome your phone calls and emails. You can reach us at 904-276-9710 or email us at sales@basicsrangeandgun.com.

We look forward to meeting you.

See you at the range!

This range is first-come-first serve. You do not need to reserve a lane privy to arrival. Without a membership, you can shoot for $17 a day (Mon-Thurs) $19 a day (Fri-Sun) plus 7.5% sales tax; any additional shooters sharing the lane shoot for $12 a day (Mon-Thurs) $15 a day (Fri-Sun) plus sales tax. Hearing and eye protection are included with the rental of the lane. Active duty, veterans, retired military, fire fighters and law enforcement shoot for $15