safe shooting

Kids n Guns 02/10/19

Kids N Guns (Dads, Moms and Grandparents, too!)

This is a two part session

First part

This is free and it involves what to do if they see a gun. I am not worried about you, this course is for your kids and all the other people in the world who own guns. It includes shooting a blank (fire and loud noise). It is great fun and we get the kids fired up. The discussion is wild and wooly and the kids are amazing.

The second part

This is a gun course and is forty dollars. We start in the education room and go over gun safety. After we go over the four safety rules multiple times and discuss it, we throw in a hook. First kid who can tell us those rules will get some money. Oh it then, once again, gets lively. From there we work with unloaded guns and snap caps going over loading, unloading and showing safe. We then work on grip and site picture. From there, off to the range we go. We keep the targets close (we want our kids to succeed) and we shoot both a revolver and semi automatic.

All in all it is an amazing course and our kids get to put another arrow in their quiver…and the kids, well, they are amazing; sponges, polite, smart and great fun.

Requirements: Closed toed shoes and t-shirt or long sleeve shirt. Bring a blanket to lay on as the range floor is dirty.